2021 IEEE Concurrent Processes Architectures and Embedded Systems Virtual Conference (COPA 2021)

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Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

April 25-28, 2021

Late Paper, Workshops, Tutorials and Fringe Submissions and Author Registrations due by ***April 24, 2021***

San Diego, California USA

Hotel Del Coronado Island San Diego, California
  • Organizing Committee

Program Chair: Dr. Lindsay O’Brien Quarrie, National University, San Diego, California USA, Space Sciences Corporation

Program Co-Chair: Dr. Kevin Chalmers, University of Roehampton, London, UK

  • Program Committee

Dr. Brian Vinter, Vice Dean, Research Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark; formerly Head of High Performance Computing and Professor of X-Ray and Neutron Science Neils Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen  

Dr. Peter Welch, University of Kent

  • Technical Chairs

Dr. Lawrence John Dickson, Chief Scientist, Space Sciences Corporation    Workshops & Fringes

Dr. Kevin Chalmers, University of Roehampton, Technical Chair, Papers

Dr. Lindsay O’Brien Quarrie, National University & Space Sciences Corporation, Technical Co-chair, Papers

Dr. Kenneth Skovhede, Neils Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Øyvind Teig, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering Cybernetics

Dr. Jeremy Martin, Senior Research Fellow, University of Buckingham Lloyd’s of London


Keynote: Reliable Computing, Scientific and Technological Seedbank

Dr. Lawrence John Dickson, Chief Scientist,

Space Sciences Corporation

“A scientific and technological seedbank, preserving and building on high reliability concurrent computing technologies while expanding into new applications with the same reliable, robust and disciplined approach. A focus on high performance, high reliability, low latency microprocessors, microcomputers and massive parallelism with a legacy in transputers, new applications of Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP), and relevant concurrency in Embedded Systems.”


Call for Papers, Workshops & Tutorials (Papers Submitted as of 4/22/2021: 18)

Authors : Jeremy Martin

Title :   Designing and Verifying Microservices Using CSP

Number :  1

Authors : Anchal Yadav

Title :   Optimization of Algorithm PSO-JAYA Hybrid for Estimation Parameter of Poly-Phase Induction Motors with Experimental Verification Number :  2

Authors : Anchal Yadav

Title :   Harmonic Elimination based on selective optimization for Capacitor Voltages Balancing in Multilevel Inverters with Considering Load power factor

Number :  3

Authors : Lawrence Dickson

Title :   OCCAM-equivalent syntax with pure singleton descent structure

Number :  4

Authors : Abhishek Gupta

Title :   Deep Reinforcement Learning and Fuzzy K-means based VPN-nonVPN Traffic Classification and Characterization

Number :  5

Authors : Pramod Kumar, Lalit Kumar Singh and Chiranjeev Kumar

Title : A Bayesian Belief Network Model for Early Prediction of Reliability for Computer Based Safety Critical Systems

Number :  6

Authors : Pranav and Rahul Katarya

Title :   A Systematic study of Sign Language Recognition Techniques

Number :  7

Authors : Oladapo Ibitoye

Title :   Real-Time Localization of Vehicle License Plate using Improved Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network

Number :  8

Authors : Matilde Broløs, Carl-Johannes Johnsen and Kenneth Skovhede

Title :   Occam to Go translator

Number :  9

Authors : Alberte Thegler, Carl-Johannes Johnsen, Kenneth Skovhede and Brian Vinter

Title :   Accelerating Molecular Dynamics with the Lennard-Jones potential for FPGAs

Number :  10

Authors : Anurag Tripathi, Aditya Arora and Anupama Bhan

Title :   Classification of cervical cancer using Deep Learning Algorithms

Number :  11

Authors : Vrushali Lanjewar

Title :   Transfer learning using Pre-trained AlexNet for Marathi Handwritten Compound Character Image Classification

Number :  12

Authors : Richa Jain, Devesh Saini and Anita Thakur

Title :   Detection of Dental Fluorosis using Enhanced K-means and Fuzzy C means

Number :  13

Authors : Hadi Saleh, Shadi Saleh, Wolfram Hardt and Nathan Teyou Toure

Title :   Object Distance Estimation and Collision Warning System

Number :  14

Authors : Archana Raut, Sunanda Khandait and Snehlata Dongre

Title :   A Machine Learning based Mission Critical Data Transmission Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

Number :  15

Authors : Oladapo Ibitoye

Title :   A Brief Review of Convolutional Neural Network Techniques for Masked Face Recognition

Number :  16

Authors : Øyvind Teig and Lawrence John Dickson

Title :   Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC

Number :  17

Authors : Lakshmi Nandan, Glady Jose, P.A Alida and P.S Amalsankar

Title :   Online Shopping with Augmented Reality using AI Assistant

Number :  18

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Paper submissions due before:

Workshops, Tutorials and Fringe  submission due by:

April 23, 2021

April 24, 2021
Notification of acceptance, by:April 24, 2021
Final revised Camera Ready Copy (CRC) due by:April 24, 2021
Author registration, late submissions:April 18, 2021
Conference Dates:April 25 (5:00 PM GMT) –
April 28 (12:00 PM GMT) , 2021

Final paper copy must be agreed with your editor by the end of day on    April 24, 2021.  
In order for your CRC to appear in the proceedings, at least one author must register for the conference by April 24, 2021

Invited Topics research and/or application, long or short papers , Workshops and Tutorials are welcome in the following areas:
-Tools and languages for hardware-software co-design;
-Hardware and software approaches to reconfigurable computing;
-Synchronous Message Exchange
-Modeling and model-driven development of concurrent software architectures;
-Verification and analysis of concurrent systems;
-Nested formal verification techniques.
-Massively parallel computing, supercomputing architectures using concurrent processes
-Applications of concurrent processes including to IoT, 5G and future 6G hardware/software requirements
-Emphasis both software and hardware (IoT), including hardware-software equivalence like that of occam and the Transputer

-Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in Concurrent Systems

Rules for Presentations: Includes, Keynote up to 1 hour, Papers 30-45 minutes; Workshops/Fringes up to 1 hour.


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