IEEE-COPA 2021 Proceedings

IEEE-COPA 2021 was sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Call for Papers, Workshops & Tutorials (Papers Submitted as of 4/22/2021: 18) COPA 2021

Authors : Jeremy Martin

Title :   Designing and Verifying Microservices Using CSP

Number :  1

Authors : Anchal Yadav

Title :   Optimization of Algorithm PSO-JAYA Hybrid for Estimation Parameter of Poly-Phase Induction Motors with Experimental Verification Number :  2

Authors : Anchal Yadav

Title :   Harmonic Elimination based on selective optimization for Capacitor Voltages Balancing in Multilevel Inverters with Considering Load power factor

Number :  3

Authors : Lawrence Dickson

Title :   OCCAM-equivalent syntax with pure singleton descent structure

Number :  4

Authors : Abhishek Gupta

Title :   Deep Reinforcement Learning and Fuzzy K-means based VPN-nonVPN Traffic Classification and Characterization

Number :  5

Authors : Pramod Kumar, Lalit Kumar Singh and Chiranjeev Kumar

Title : A Bayesian Belief Network Model for Early Prediction of Reliability for Computer Based Safety Critical Systems

Number :  6

Authors : Pranav and Rahul Katarya

Title :   A Systematic study of Sign Language Recognition Techniques

Number :  7

Authors : Oladapo Ibitoye

Title :   Real-Time Localization of Vehicle License Plate using Improved Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network

Number :  8

Authors : Matilde Broløs, Carl-Johannes Johnsen and Kenneth Skovhede

Title :   Occam to Go translator

Number :  9

Authors : Alberte Thegler, Carl-Johannes Johnsen, Kenneth Skovhede and Brian Vinter

Title :   Accelerating Molecular Dynamics with the Lennard-Jones potential for FPGAs

Number :  10

Authors : Anurag Tripathi, Aditya Arora and Anupama Bhan

Title :   Classification of cervical cancer using Deep Learning Algorithms

Number :  11

Authors : Vrushali Lanjewar

Title :   Transfer learning using Pre-trained AlexNet for Marathi Handwritten Compound Character Image Classification

Number :  12

Authors : Richa Jain, Devesh Saini and Anita Thakur

Title :   Detection of Dental Fluorosis using Enhanced K-means and Fuzzy C means

Number :  13

Authors : Hadi Saleh, Shadi Saleh, Wolfram Hardt and Nathan Teyou Toure

Title :   Object Distance Estimation and Collision Warning System

Number :  14

Authors : Archana Raut, Sunanda Khandait and Snehlata Dongre

Title :   A Machine Learning based Mission Critical Data Transmission Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

Number :  15

Authors : Oladapo Ibitoye

Title :   A Brief Review of Convolutional Neural Network Techniques for Masked Face Recognition

Number :  16

Authors : Øyvind Teig and Lawrence John Dickson

Title :   Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC

Number :  17

Authors : Lakshmi Nandan, Glady Jose, P.A Alida and P.S Amalsankar

Title :   Online Shopping with Augmented Reality using AI Assistant

Number :  18